I’ve officially decided on a Quarter Life Trip (QLT) to Africa:


Cage dive with great whites in Cape Town

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Go on safari in Tanzania (location not set in stone)

Relax in the Maldives

Volunteer in Malawi

Visit the Giraffe Manor 

& Stop by the Canary Islands on the way back

My last trip to South Africa was life-changing and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who has the opportunity to travel there.

Some of my photos from safari:

lion wp color

leopard stalk wp

Leopard yawn wp

leopard wp close up

lion peek wp

lion play wp

tucan wp

mom elephant wp

baby elephant wp

hippos wp

impala wp

Cheetah sunset wp

I have trouble justifying putting other activities before the volunteering part of my trip… I suppose the only way I can do it is by acknowledging that I am crossing items off of my bucket list, & if I don’t do them before I volunteer, I never will.

I have a feeling that once I get to Malawi, I will probably end up staying there for a while (I highly expect my priorities to rearrange themselves as soon as I see the kids).

Some photos of children living in South African shanty towns (same trip):

shanty kids 1 wp

group kids

single kid

group boys

Looking back on Cabo…

…I am very impressed by 2 things…

1) The extreme luxury of vacationers (yacht water slide, woOoOoo!):


2) The Viagra advertisements (supahh clever/mmmgross):



…. & the Italian food deserves an honorable mention:

italian food

Confession: I took advantage of a friend

So I could make a ridiculously legitimate Christian Pop album cover.

I caught her in a moment of profound self-reflection (she was ignoring me and staring out of the Mexican cab window into the vast unknown), so I figured I’d jump on the opportunity to possibly further our joint (currently nonexistent) singing careers.

album cover

You’re welcome, lady.